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Aarron Wilburn

A note from Aarron, Founder of "Insuring Change" a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. 

"Growing up in the impoverished conditions I was subjected to was the starting point for this mission. I often sat in my high school classrooms thinking to myself, has anyone ever became successful out of the Detroit Public School system and if so, why has nobody ever came back to help the next generation. I then made a promise to myself that if I ever figured out how to achieve financial independence, I would be the one to return and share my experiences with the students after me.


Taking a logical approach to life, I knew that we had absolutely no money and banks are essentially responsible for holding all of the money and thus my career path was a no brainer. I found my way into the banking industry. After a few years in banking I transitioned into the mortgage industry as my thought process grew into how much could I earn for myself and not so much on making an impact in my community anymore. Still largely unaware of business as a whole and growing frustrated with the progress I was making, it was time to at least have some fun in my personal life.


I decided to step into the entertainment space.  What started as open mic stand-up comedy gigs, led to me having to write parody songs to keep the material fresh for the local patrons. Then came the realization that music came easy to me and thus I was able to expand my entertaining arsenal to include comedy, music and dancing.


Fast forward nearly 6 years, my mom passed and the emotional toll of her passing, destroyed my favorite childhood dream of wanting to buy her a house. I got so angry with myself. I knew that if I had remained focused and not taken such a distracting detour to have fun, I could have accomplished that goal. It was enough of a wakeup call to get me back to my mission.


I left the mortgage industry and began a new stint in commercial banking.  I was determined to learn business from another angle. Only this time, nothing I was "learning" was new to me. I sat in on meetings and listened to people discuss strategies but nothing evolved so I became more focused on the relationship aspect of the meetings and connections versus the strategies.  I've always known I could connect with people, it was pure joy to me.

It wasn't until I met my business partner, that everything finally started to click. I was using my gift of connecting to people for just the pure joy of how it made me feel and never really thought to strategically monetize it in a way that could help others and propel me to the next level.

How business is done is evolving and less demand is placed on empowering the status quo, while more of an emphasis is being placed on relationships and personal development. Insuring Change is in a unique position to educate and empower the youth on the premise of relationship development. The ability to learn is based on the ability to want to learn, our goal is to attack the factors that are blocking the youth from wanting to be better. I grew up listening to my family and community complain constantly about how unfair life was and now as an adult myself, I understand the difficulties, but I have also learned that for every problem there is a solution. Often times those solutions will require you to step outside of that box you placed yourself in. You're limited by your own mindset and comfort level, what if that message became the leading thought for these students as we expand their minds outside of the limitations of their environment. 

I spend a lot of time building strategic relationships with like-minded individuals and creating community alliances that provide resources and assistance that really make a difference in the lives of students.  While I have not yet reached my ultimate goal of "changing the world" every connection I make with another passionate individual, gets me closer and closer to being able to do what was once looked at as the impossible.

If you know what it feels like to have a passion then let's work together for a better tomorrow. 

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