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What we do

Simply stated, we help youth and young adults change their mindset.  For those living in a state of poverty, we help them reverse the poverty mindset by stopping and reversing the poverty cycle.


We do this through a combination of programs, curriculum and activities specifically designed to reach youth and young adults ages 12 - 24.  Our programs allow youth to explore their unique skills while learning from additional tools, resources and experiences not generally available or taught in traditional school classes.  These experiences allow them to practice what they are learning in a safe environment and prepare for real life changing events.  Our goal is to help them believe that they can change the trajectory of their lives and obtain the hopes and dreams they never imagined were possible for them. 


The results ALWAYS evidence growth in self-confidence and identity along with an evolution of their minds, communication and thought processes.

EVOLVE is our proprietary program offered in 8 & 12 week sessions. (10-15 students per session) -The curriculum is designed to encourage self-discovery through experiences focused on soft skills, life skills, communication and basic entrepreneurship.  Youth graduate from the program with a new sense of self and possibilities supported by a new network, a defined vision and action plan they will use to take next steps on their journey in life.

In addition to our primary EVOLVE program we offer a variety courses and experiences for youth focused in the following areas:

  • Boardroom Presentations

  • Pitch Competitions

  • Vision Boards

  • Business Plans

  • Resume Writing

  • Mock Interviews

  • Business Etiquette

  • Public Speaking

  • Financial Literacy

Our communities and corporate sponsors also join us supporting the youth in public events including:

  • Summer programs

  • Back to School Drive

  • Cold Weather Clothing Drive

  • Food Drive

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